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I though I would share this paint with everyone because of the high prices being charged for firearms paints. I learned about it by reading an old article by a gunsmith who refinished a receiver on a Ruger 10/22 with bake on auto engine paint. It was before they had the firearms finish paints they do now. He tried engine paint and got excellent results. I looked for some and tried the Dupli-Color. I have known about it for about 10 years or so. Recently I have heard of others using bake on engine paint also.

The surface should only be roughed up when it is a polished surface. Matte or Parkerized surfaces that have been bead blasted don't need it. You can paint over them. Parkerzied type finishes that rub off easy, which some do that were cheaply or not applied correctly. I would get as much of the "loose" finish off as possible before applying. A good example would be the finish you find on the WASR 10 AK47, it comes off easy in places around the gun. Just rub it with coarse steel wool or lightly with sandpaper to get the loose finish off.


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