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I think he will find recruit training challenging and rewarding. Instruction has come a long way in the last decade from the classroom through "Battle Stations", the final test. There are fitness standards and his recruiter should be running a pre-PT test prior to his departure for training. It is not that difficult. If he can perform 50 push ups, 50 sit ups, and run 1 1/2 miles in under 13 minutes he will do fine. He should of been given a "Delayed Entry Program" Booklet. This is for him to study and obtain naval knowledge on items such as rank, first aid, customs, abbreviations, and naval tradition. This will help him considerably in training and possibly help in accelerated advancement. As stated earlier when he arrives at recruit training he will be offered the Montgomery GI Bill. This is a one time offer. Do not turn it down. It amounts to 100.00 a month coming directly from his paycheck for 12 months. So 1200.00 total. This investment pays out just under 40,000 for college. It can be used anywhere from 2 years of service until 10 years after ones discharge. The navy also has tuition assistance, currently 100% up to 15 semester hours per year free. Here is a link for some more educational information including Embry-Riddle.

AM "A" Scool should be located in Pensacola, FL. A Beautiful place, I was stationed there for a number of years. He will be arriving just in time to constantly see the Blue Angels rehearsing for thier summer/fall shows.


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