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Originally Posted by UtahBen View Post
This is taken from

Four Sandy City police officers are currently on paid administrative leave because of officer-involved shootings. That is the most officers Sandy has ever had on paid leave at once, according to police.

Sgt. Victor Quezada said, "For the workforce part, we'll muddle through it. We've got a 118-man department, so we're OK that way. The citizens won't be neglected. However, for our officers, we want to make sure they're OK."

Three of the four officers were involved in shooting Patrick Rees to death at his home. They were assisting a bail bondsman in revoking Rees' bail. Police say Rees pulled a gun on them.

The fourth officer on leave stems from a traffic stop shooting. On Dec. 30, an officer pulled over a car, and a passenger -- 23-year-old Heron Gonzales -- allegedly fired at the officer.

"You know with the concealed weapons permits that are handed out nowadays, I know we have a lot more guns out there in vehicles. That raises my concern and other officers' concerns greatly, there's no question," Quezada said

On New Year's Day a Sandy police officer pulled over a car and the passenger shot himself in the chest. The officer was not involved, so has not been put on paid leave, but we bring it up because there's been a rash of recent shootings in Sandy.

A detective with the department tells KSL two of the officers involved in the Rees shooting will be back to work this weekend. The district attorney reviewed that case and will not take any action against the three officers.

Meantime, the D.A. is still reviewing the traffic stop shooting.

My question for Sgt, Quezada is how many CCP holders have threatened to or actually fired at any of his Officers?

I think it would be agood idea to leave any comments you have for Sandy PD

Sandy City Police Department-Police Administration (801) 568-7214

Provo PD and Springville PD were running a drunk checkpoint New Year's Day on 89. I hit it on my way home, got waved over.

Told the Provo PD officer who came to my door I had a CFP and was carrying, and his response was:

"As long as you don't point it at me, it's no problem."

He checked my DL, and sent me on my way.
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