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Originally Posted by Texas_XD View Post
I just bought all that a year ago and have NO intentions of replacing any of it for at least 5 yrs. I was thinking of an old toaster over since it is just a slide. I may have to entend the bake time some but that's better than a $750 new stove/range!

I was wondering about the longitivity of this, it will see a lot of holstering and I don't want to have to re-do it every 2 months.

I can actually help you with the cost of a new stove and or stovetop/oven combo. Go to Habitat for Humanity Resale store. Not sure where De Leon, Tx is (sad comment for an old Texas hand - most of my relatives still live in Texas). But most larger cities have one or two. I paid $125 for a like new Jennair double oven and $25 for a like new Jennair stovetop. The reefer is a used SubZero that we paid $250 for. But we now have basically brand new kitchen appliances on the cheap.

I can't say about longevity with a firearm that's in a holster a lot. But I can say that the wheels on my truck still look great after almost one year of driving it. It seems pretty tough, but as with ANY refinish, wear IS a concern. But I don't mind refinishing a piece once or twice a year. Especially with paint that is as inexpensive as the BBQ Grill paint.

Hope that helps.
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