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Originally Posted by eXe View Post
I have a Glock slide in the oven as I type this baking, it looks AMAZING right now.. we will see how it looks after 2 hours.. lol I'm sure it will come out great.

Cant wait to see how it comes out.. come on and hurry up 2 hours lol.

I will post pics when it is done.

Mine in oven now too! I just used Grill paint as that is all I can find in THREE towns, not a drop of dupli-color to be found. I coated it 3 times lightly and have it around 350 degrees now. About another hr and we'll see, it's just meant for a temp fix till I can afford something like Cera-hide. Too many costly medical issues with our baby to blow too large a funds where "momma" notices!

I am hoping the glossiness calms down when it cools. Right now it looks exactly like gloss paint.

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