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Yep, I was there for two days at the table with my FFL/dealer friend! Man that concrete gets hard after a while. Saturday was pretty active, but Sunday was kinda slow. I got a chance to look around a little on Sunday while things were slow. Didn't really see any deals. My friend took in a really nice G-19 on trade. It was a first year production G-2 model. It had been fired, but not so that you would notice. I couldn't talk him out of it - he wanted to make money on it - imagine that!

The little thugs ran off with (stole) two guns on Saturday. The dealers lost a pistol and an AR-15! Don't ask me how you don't notice someone stealing an AR-15, but they got away with it. That guy (FFL) had 3 people working with him too - someone was day dreaming!
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