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I am headed to the court house on Monday to apply for my CCW. I don't know why I have waited so long. Looking back I have always put myself in situations where if I needed help in a hostile situation there would be no one around to help. Over the summer I was biking in Arlington VA to Mount Vernon and of all places almost got mugged in Old Town Alexandria. I had a guy run up behind me while I was on my bike and try to take me down with a metal pipe. Fortunately I hear him coming by his feet hitting the pavement and looked behind me to see the pipe over his head getting ready to strike. I pumped outta there and out ran him. I got a few blocks away and called the cops. Being a concerned citizen I waited for the cops, saw a cruiser 3 blocks away with its lights on. Hopped on my bike and headed toward the cruiser. upon entering one of the intersections between me and the cop the BG appeared and started chasing me again. I turned and again in the opposite direction. This time he really chased me on foot. Far enough to where any police were now out of site. I would have kept going until I saw a lady on the bike trail walking her dogs. I stopped to look out for this lady and warn her and by this time he was about 20 yards away. I about 6' 200lbs and when i got off my bike and picked it up to show that my bike was a bigger weapon than his metal pipe I guess he changed his mind and walked back to town. All in all I look back and realize it could have been far worse if I had not had a bike or he had a gun. Theres a lot more to this story but you can bet for now on when mountain biking or where ever allowed I will be carrying.
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