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Originally Posted by Dean View Post
Where's all the JAGS and NCIS hotshots?
They're busy arresting and prosecuting our sailors and Marines for having killed the enemy; so naturally they don't have time to deal with things like rape and murder.

The JAGS are busy working for the likes of John "Mullah" Murtha, and ensuring that our troops fear the idea of killing the enemy so much so, that they hesitate long enough to be killed themselves.

And the numbnuts in the White House just sits back and watches this all happen. Back when Reagan was President, it didn't matter who you were; criminal, enemy, WTF-ever, you got dealt with swiftly and surely. Today we have pissant muslim turds in speedboats threatening our warships, and we are the ones who tuck tail and run. When the Libyans tried that crap, they got hammered, and more than a few times sent directly to the bottom of the Gulf of Sidra.

So yes, it is a very sad situation all the way around. I just hope the perp doesn't survive his capture.
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