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Originally Posted by Dean View Post
It's a sad day for military law enforcement.

The Marine Corps allowed a rapist to roam free for months while his victim got an order of protection against him. Can you imagine what it must have been like for that girl? Being abused and taunted, while carrying her rapists baby? Then, the rapist kills the 20 year old 8 months pregnant service member, cuts her throat, burns her body like camping trash, buries her in HIS OWN yard, and writes a note saying "She killed herself."

How many other rapes did this guy do?

How did a rapist remain free, and assigned to the same post as his victim, with the opportunity to kidnap and murder her? What did the Provost Marshall say? Was he thinking, "Oh, she's just a bubble-headed slut - she deserved it?" Where's all the JAGS and NCIS hotshots? Where were they, when this girl reported a violent felony comitted on the base by an active duty NCO?

I read that they charged him with "Adultry." Because he was married.

Is this what people can expect when their daughters enter military service?

This is a terrible case. Shame.
Well the problem is it's not exactly the case. The vicitim did at first claim rape, however she withdrew her charges. Subsequently she had also been diagnosed as bi-polar and it was revealed she had a history of making allegations and retracting them.

What the command appears guilty of is allowing the LCpl to move out in town to live with a Sgt, a big no no in the Marines.

The biggest problem is she worked at GPAC, Group Personal and Admin Center. GPAC is all the admin clerks at HQs level working under the "supervision" of personnel officers. They are all admin warrant officer and at least in my experience are not all that great at supervising Marines.
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