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Originally Posted by Dean"
" The rapist kills the 20 year old 8 months pregnant service member, cuts her throat, burns her body like camping trash, buries her in HIS OWN yard, and writes a note saying "She killed herself."

A friend wrote:
"I'm waiting for the day you post something you actually have knowledge about."

"The Marine Corps Military Police Provost Marshal at Camp Lejune, N.C. DID LITTLE OR NOTHING AND FAILED TO MAKE AN ARREST or to properly process a rape investigtion, allowing a rapist to roam free for months while his victim got a legal Order of Protection against him. The 20 year old junior enlisted vitim was abused and taunted on the base by other Marines while pregnant. Then, the rapist killed the 20 year old 8 months pregnant service member, cut her throat, burned her body like camping trash, buried her in HIS OWN yard, and wrote a note saying "She killed herself." He is presently being sought for murder and unlawful flight for prosecution by The U.S. Marshal's Service.

Which part of that's not correct, Friend? Heck, don't let me get you all mad! I was in the "Corps" myself, only it was The Military Police Corps of the U.S. Army.
Now let me tell you how this thing ought to go:

I hope that Provost Marshal resigns his commission and leaves the Marine Corps.
He was supposed to protect that little girl. He failed in his mission. Never again should he be entrusted with the safety of our young people.

I also hope that Corporal is run down like a dog, led to the gallows and put to death for his crimes.
He has disgraced the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor in a manner worse than anything I've ever seen or hear of state side.

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