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Tranquility is nice, if you can find it. Not many signs, but I like it that way.

Do not go there the weekend of a gun show, you will find numerous idiots. Last time I was there someone showed up with a nice home modified machine gun. It worked, but he unloaded a thousand rounds in 15 minutes, and sprayed casings 3 tables over in each direction. I walked back to my truck with pistol in hand waiting for him to blow it up, or kill himself.

He did neither, ran out of ammo, packed up and left. I then collected a bucket of 30-06 brass, finished shooting my revolver, and left.

90% of the time I have gone the place is empty, short of just before deer season. I like the tables there and would like to build myself one like it for my yard. I moved and can now shoot in my yard, so I don't go there much anymore.

I live in New Richmond. I wouldn't mind making friends this way to go shooting also. No memberships anywhere anymore here either.

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