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Geko45, I really like the idea of combining the shelter / firemaking, but I don't know if they can even be combined. Some people might have different needs depending on location and such...

To all: I think that we need to rethink the grading scale. Maybe 100 points for the basic three (because they are truly the most important), and then after that there could be bonus point categories? It will still be difficult to reach 100 points even with the bonus points...

In the "basic 3", we can have a separate category for firemaking since it is vital to food, water, and shelter... so essentially they are 4 categories sharing the 100-point scale. Then as bonuses, the Navigation, Communication, and I really think we need to do something about medical / hygiene, and something about environment adaptation (such as respirators, KI tablets, gloves, etc in case of a NBC attack or situation. I think flashlights and NVG's can fit in here too since they are for adapting to a dark environment).

That actually sounds like a pretty solid scale - making the basic 3 (in our case 4) making the 100-point scale and everything else is bonus...

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