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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
Done and done. We now have 10 categories of BOB/GHB rating goodness!

Semi-Official BOB/GHB Rating System Calculator Version 2.1

My GHB score under the new system went from a 68.5 to a 66.5 so I don't think we've skewed anything to badly with the new categories. I need to rate my BOB too at some point, but am dreading pulling everything apart for inventorying. That suckers PHAT! (figuratively and literally)

Great work on the spreadsheet, it really helps! Also, as far as pulling BOB stuff out, I keep a compartmentalized inventory sheet on the computer, in the truck, and in the bag, as well as individual compartment inventories in the respective compartments.
Speaking of which, I need to get the damn C and AA batteries OUT of the GHB and put them in the truck bag. Heavy suckers, and I don't have anything that takes Cs or AAs in the GHB anymore.

Edit: Moving the unneeded batteries to the truck took 2lbs off my GHB weight! Woohoo!
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