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Truck bag, rifle, and radio case:

(Hmm, redid it with the spreadsheet and the total changed mysteriously)

(Hmm 2, removed the rifle and radio case after reading an early post in this thread, even though the radio case seems to qualify as 10)

Shelter: 10 (2.5 man 4 season tent)
Hydro: 10 (Pumps and pills galore)
Food: 10 (Weeks of lifeboat rations + redundant snare wire, traps, and fishing kit)
Fire: 8 (No stove, just redundant starters and tinder)
Portable: 4
Navigation: 6 (Topo maps are an interesting idea)
Durable: 7 (Only 7 for REI? Wtf!)
Defense: 4 (Ever since my move, my pistols are in lockdown, larger and redundant knives are a good idea)
First Aid: 8 (I don't trust myself with the clotting agents, and wouldn't have a clue what to do with a scalpel or needle)
Comms: 9

Total: 81.8

Discussion thread:

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