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Originally Posted by WilyCoyote View Post
Don't forget, the higher you score, isn't the better the bag or the better the grade, just means you're an apple, not an orange. Trend seems that 50-70 people are more GHB types and 70-80 people are BOB types. High 80's fits a seriously equipped BOB and if your scoring in the middle to high 90's or 100 you're a cheater!
Yeah, a lot of my penalties are for things I choose. The topo maps are a good idea, but I still wouldn't put a GPS or surgical kit in there. Although I may have figured out a loophole through which I can add a rifle. Hmm.

CCO, I think you missed a few redundancies. For instance, two things of tinder and two separate things of good matches = 8, I believe, not 6.
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