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Seems like it's gotten tougher to get the hot 10mm rounds that are good for hunting. Maybe Norma still makes them? I've heard that a lot of 10 is down loaded to 40 levels, but I haven't shot much 10 lately

5" barrel

200 gr. XTP @ 1,250 fps = 694 ft/lbs
200 gr. FMJ-FP @ 1,250 fps = 694 ft/lbs

4.3" barrel

180gr BondedCore SP 1320fps = 696 ft/lbs
200gr FP Penetrator 1200fps = 640 ft/lbs

Any of those work? Of course there also all of the excellent full power self defense ammo from Winchster, Georgia Arms, Proload, Corbon, Texas Ammo, etc.

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