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I like the first one.

Talk Radio was all over the second one yesterday. Some legislator came on and explained that it stands not a snowball's chance in h*ll of comeing up on the floor and even less chance of passing both houses---and that Hailey Barbor would veto it in a heartbeat.

Nevertheless, it bothers me that we have 4 legislators who would put their names on such a garbage bill.

And, of course, the fear is that next year there may be 10 and next year 20 who endorse it. Especially if we have a senseless school shooting or something.

I really believe that gun grabbers like school shootings and assassinations of high level politicians because in their feeble minds it proves them right.

Sort of like a husband who has a wreck after 30 years of driving drunk, and his wife says, "I knew it was going to happen!"

Conservatives have faith in individuals; liberals put their faith in the government.
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