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Originally Posted by Marine8541 View Post
This was a terrible thing and Marines failed in their duties for sure. I pray that any Marine who didn't live up to their responsibilities pays a high price. But let's give Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach her due respect and stop refering to her as a "little girl", she was a Marine, a L/CPL, and a woman and it's insulting to refer to her in that manner. Would you address a member of your Command as a "little girl" or "little boy"? She has a name or a rank and tilte she earned.
Article 32 ...Adultery ....Should Have Included Fraterization / Abuse of Authority And .... Unquestionably .... CONDUCT UNBECOMING A "MARINE-NCO" Compelling "Command @ the Highest Levels" on Station To "ISSUE-ORDERS" Remanding Him Either to Brig Custody / Restriction to "Confinement-Barracks" !!

For Defaming "MY" Marinecorps , I Will Gladly Show Him -AND- ANY Accomplice (NO-Gender Bias Afforded) What it Means in "COMBAT" To Reach-Out And Touch Somebody !!
Rape/Date-Rape/Disgruntled-Mistress w/ Marital-Bliss Threats = NO JUSTIFCATION for Assault/Murder of "Any" MARINE & Her-Offspring .....NOT His Child .....Sp&% can be Purchased @ Fertility Clinics ...Parenthood is EARNED !!

PS: GOD-Bless Them In HEAVEN & May "CHESTY" PULLER Watch over them both !!

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