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Originally Posted by lumberjack View Post
As I understand it, Haley would veto either bill.

Some bills that I'm getting together for this years to-do list include:

Clearning up the conflict between state laws concearning road hunting and the right to keep loaded gun(s) in your vehicle.

Concealed carry on campuses.

Students of colleges allowed to keep guns in their vehicle.

Misdomener for high school students.

Reduce permit times.

Cannot restrict beyond law on goverment funded property (no university saying carry is prohibited).

Defined and allowed open carry at 18 years old.

Permit allows carring anything(s) in 97-37-1.

Carry in parks and WMA's.

Concealed (or open) carry in primative weapon's season.
L J, please add churches to your list, as this gun free zone has been noticed by the bad guys in the past few years. Thanks
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