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Originally Posted by THE_CAPTAIN View Post
Article 32 ...Adultery ....Should Have Included Fraterization / Abuse of Authority And .... Unquestionably .... CONDUCT UNBECOMING A "MARINE-NCO" Compelling "Command @ the Highest Levels" on Station To "ISSUE-ORDERS" Remanding Him Either to Brig Custody / Restriction to "Confinement-Barracks" !!

For Defaming "MY" Marinecorps , I Will Gladly Show Him -AND- ANY Accomplice (NO-Gender Bias Afforded) What it Means in "COMBAT" To Reach-Out And Touch Somebody !!
Rape/Date-Rape/Disgruntled-Mistress w/ Marital-Bliss Threats = NO JUSTIFCATION for Assault/Murder of "Any" MARINE & Her-Offspring .....NOT His Child .....Sp&% can be Purchased @ Fertility Clinics ...Parenthood is EARNED !!

PS: GOD-Bless Them In HEAVEN & May "CHESTY" PULLER Watch over them both !!
But their relationship was consensual at the start, so she was also guilty of adultery, fraternization. That was the excuse that was given by the Unit as I understand it. That the relationship was consensual at first, and that they LCpl had mental problems, and Command was investigating her complaints, not sure if they were true. I do believe that they complaints at the very least warranted the LCpl being transferred from the work environment she shared with the Cpl.

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