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Hi. guys been lurking but first post.

If you sat down and read all 44 pages only stopping every half hour to check the tracking # link for your LWD order. To see where your TFO's, Agrip and SS gudierod are.

If your worried they haven't been scaned in 39 hours since leaving Spokane. Hope they are okay.

If you rationalized your order because you just finished your first AR build and think the glock is jealous.

If you sat here reading the thread with your glock and AR because you don't want to put them away because your other guns might get jealous.

You wonder if placeing another order before you last order arrives is bad edicate(sp?).

If you order a phantom flash hider for your AR, but Have to make it up buy getting the glock a LWD 9mm threaded barrel and putting the flashider on first just to see how it looks.

Damn I got issues. I thought I needed professional help until I read all these post. well maybe we all do. How could so many people be wrong?
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