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Not that anybody cares; but, according to the guy who invented the term, it ain't, 'KB'; and it ain't, 'KB!'. Instead it's, 'kB!' or, 'kaBoom!'

I've done a pretty good job of intentionally avoiding this thread for the past 3 years. I will now, however, venture an opinion: I think that English's thinking is closer to what's actually going on than anything else I read. IMO, there is more to the picture, though, than currently meets the eye!

I, also, think that the newly discovered phenomenon of, 'Glock frame harmonics' is involved: e.g.; The Haddon Heights, NJ; and Albuquerque, NM 40 caliber Glock problems along with the subsequent changes that Glock made to the frames of recently manufactured 40 caliber pistols.

Personally, I think that Austrian Engineer's comments on G-22 performance AND frame harmonics go a long way toward understanding exactly, 'What' is happening. I, also, find English's other comment on, 'primer smears' to be interesting.

As I type this I'm wondering what happens when a barrel firing a high speed AND high pressure bullet begins to tilt at the exact instant that primer ignition takes place? Of course, I don't know anymore than anyone else on this board. I'm just speculating by offering an additional hypothesis for further consideration. So far, nobody has offered a demonstrable or definitive explanation for Glock 40 caliber, 'kaBooms!'; and, believe me, neither am I.

Just thinking out loud, that's all.
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