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You cannot buy a handgun in North Carolina and take it with you on either an out-of-state Sheriff's Permit to Acquire a Weapon or an out-of-state Concealed Handgun Permit. If you find a handgun you want in NC, you may purchase it but it must be shipped to an FFL in your state of residence. The shipper will require a signed copy of the recipient's FFL, either mailed or faxed to him. Please do not ask a North Carolina resident to buy a handgun for you. Unless he buys it with his own money and gives it to you as a gift (he completes the Form 4473), it is a "Straw Purchase" punishable by a maximum of 10 years in the federal pen and the dealer loses his FFL. The "Bloomberg Effect" has made all dealers paranoid. A "wink and a nod" won't get it done anymore.

That said, gun stores in the Triad:

The Gun Rack in Kernersville; Triad Gun Source and Indoor Range in Rural Hall; The Gun Store in Lexington. At this time the supply at Triad Gun Source is depleted and the owner will only order for 30% down. The Gun Store specializes in mostly Single Action Army revolvers. The Gun Rack has the largest stock but his prices are the highest.
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