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Originally Posted by Bosko View Post
I am going to pay for this, I know. But, unless your gun dealer is a blood relative (and that's no guarantee), your best bet is to visit the locals to see what fits your hand and then order online from Impact Guns or search Gun Broker. You will find that the local stealers either don't have what you want or they spit on your shoes because you don't "talk the talk". They are not your friends. They are in the business to make a buck. I have been carrying a handgun to kill people, professionally (and personally), most of my adult life. I just want to choke the life out of some of these gun store commandos when they try to feed me their line of Bravo Sierra. Sorry to say, that includes the weekend warriors at the gun store where I teach. But then, I shouldn't be surprised. They are in the business to make sales. But, I am still embarrassed. So, visit the locals and find what feels good in your hand. Then, go online. But, if you go to where my wife works and I teach, she will not coerce to buy what is not right for you (or your spouse). Oh wait - look out for the weekend crew. You will recognize them from the way they wear their "puny pistols" and their adherence to their "mall ninja" bravo sierra.

Does your wife carry the 1911 or the g30 glock?
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