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Lone Wolf is excellent for Glocks.
Caswells, see Jackie, everyone else not so good.
Scottsdale Gun Club, pushy salesmen with a mall ninja complex.
Bear arms, kind of obnoxious and too high prices.
Big Bore is the place to go for .45's and 1911 work.
Legendary Guns, grossly overpriced and the sales people are dicks.
Shooters World, not much choice in guns, lots of other stuff.
S&S Firearms, lots of Sigs but the owner is whacky, he ran out into the parking lot and shot at someone who tried to steal a weapon, gave it back, and left. Then the owner shot at his car!!
Glockmeister, new ownership, he will start selling Glocks again soon. Too bad Ben is gone. The new owner is a good guy though. He will get more of my business.
Pistol Parlor. small shop, good prices, staff is grumpy at best.
Shooters Vault, excellent selection, decent prices, friendly staff, probably my favorite place.
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