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Originally Posted by MrMurphy View Post
Some morons have been seen with pressed ABUs. The first one I see with pressed ones is going to seriously jacked up, bad enough he has to wash it. The bastard.

I have "embraced the gayness" and have two pairs, primarily because i'm getting tired of shining and polishing to go five minutes later in full body armor and sit in a Humvee for 12 hours where nobody will see how uber high speed I look when I'm crawling around in the grass looking ready for an inspection.
Thats the problem I have with the AF, Security Forces seem to be more guilty at times. An example if you ever watch the military channel there is a special on a recent sniper compitition. The AF Schmucks (Security troops) actually have pressed BDU's with creases in the stripes. even in a field FTX they have to be all GQ. That is about as stupid as the idea of running speed guns at forward operating bases. sometimes I think the AF trains so much they forget how the real world works! glad i am retired.
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