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I don't want to even count how many hours i've wasted starching and ironing BDUs, when the job will last about 90 second past guard mount when I go get in the Humvee for 12 hours and nobody gives a damn how high speed I look. People working the gate who look like utter scumbags and guys in superpressed and shined uniforms get the same treatment (treated like crap) by the rest of the AF. Yes, for certain occasions (honor guard for a general's promotion etc) I can see having a uniform that looks a bit nicer than usual, but 99% of the time nobody gives a damn.

I got more "you look good" comments wearing my IBA with MOLLE pouches attached, ESS glasses and shooting gloves working a gate (I was covering for a guy taking a bathroom break, was mobile), because 1. I looked ready to handle anything and 2.apparently it reminded some of the schmucks at the gate we really do something other than write tickets. I was somewhat wrinkled and not shined, but nobody cared.

Having been writing tickets in the sandbox for six months, I think it's BS too (as did everyone else) but someone thought it was a bright idea, and honestly with as many coalition troops as we had there, it WAS a problem (Aussies think they're driving the Gran Prix, doing 60mph on a road rated for 30, etc), Brits being notorious offenders in taking out slide arm bars at gates (apparently, brakes are a new concept to them) and nearly running over people at marked crosswalks. Safety issue. Being far enough back, they have to come up with some BS to keep busy, which annoys the rest of us who have to do it.

It's just as bad, if not worse in Balad/Anaconda, Al Dhafra, Ali/Talil and other places (having talked to people who were there this week).
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