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can't comment on the guy, the incident, but the TREATMENT part, yeah, i know the words and chorus to THAT song.

A very nice gunshop moved out not too long ago, clean, nice guns, fancy cabinets, and a his n' hers atmosphere..

that sucked for friendly. Rudest people that ever ran me out of their store with a pocket full of money TWICE.

First time I was tire kicking with my daughter, and i got irate. one of those slow burns where it TOOK a while but i got peeved. finally walked out after about 15 minutes of cold shoulder.

aight, maybe they had a bad day for some reason. i got over it and went back, 2nd chance, to buy said daughter a gurl gun.

Dear lord, you'ld have thought i was wearing pink shoes and had elton john glasses on, cause i asked for a ladysmith.

a guy HAS THE MONEY and wants to BUY THE GUN in a gunshop, and he's 50 years old and wearing cowboy clothes, ya take his darn money and say what else can i do for ya? ..

ya don't act like he's light footed and might ought to go elsewhere.

or he will. so anyway they went broke enough to move.

jerks. I wound up buying her a 19-3 4", mint. The redhawk .44 mag was too much gun.
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