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I always tried my very best to have a higly pressed uniform and a shiny pair of boots. I also did my job to the best of my ability and was one of the better technicians at my duty station. I worked in an environment where I could do that and not get messed up. I went to Bolling Air Force Base a couple of weeks ago on a job, and there were two young Airman working the gate. Both with sharp berets, starched uniforms and shiny boots. One with a 3 point sling an a M-4 with a Aimpoint. They both looked sharp and presented a professional image. It's pride in your unit and pride in the Air Force. It doesn't mean your the best but it shows you care. In the field starch is a no no. But in garrison it's fine. I think the new boots that don't have to be shined should only be for deployment. In garrison it should be business as usual. IE starch, kiwi, and tight haircuts.
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