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I have to agree. We have cops more worried about getting their uniform screwed up than doing the tactically smart thing and going prone or kneeling, during a real world alert where they are sweeping a building for a possible hostile, and do the "keep my uniform nice squat". I'm sorry, every single day I go to work that does not involve a briefing or a class, it's the real thing. I should not have to worry about being *****ed out because I took a dive in the grass and scuffed up my boot chasing someone (and yes, that has happened) and being told "bring your polishing kit to work" Yeah, sure...... or keeping my crease perfect. I am not a office commando, I wear body armor and a rifle and actively patrol every day. BDUs "were" supposed to be a utility uniform that took little care and could be worn and wiped out without worrying too much about them. As much as I dislike the Approved for Boardroom Use uniform, the wash and wear thing and no-shine boots (which idea has been around since the 1930s, we went back to shiny boots in the 50s) make far more sense for an operational uniform for everyday work.

You want people to look supersharp and "professional" have the office commandos wear blues to work. The mass rebellion would have you killed, but you'd have your way.
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