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I've never posted here but lurk around and read occasionally, but this story was enough for me to register so I can comment. I can tell you for a fact as I live and work in Springfield MO, that Steve/EDI Plus is absolutely the worst you will find. This guy is a top-of-the-line *******. I've bought two guns from him in the past, and both were miserable experiences. A handful of my friends have tried to buy guns from him and only one ended up actually getting one.

As pure dipchits go, Steve is first class. He sells guns 15 bucks cheaper than everybody else, but I sure as hell have no idea how that helps him when the moment you walk into his gun shop you are going to be belittled and condescended.

I donít know anybody that wouldnít pay an extra $20 to have good customer service.

Iíll never go back, my friends will never go back, and most people that have ever shopped there have similar stories and will never go back.
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