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Originally Posted by nvhunter2 View Post
There is no handgun registration in CA. So buying one from CA is no big deal.
You will need to have a dealer transfer it just like any other out of state sale.
Actually, there is handgun registration in California.
And in order to register, you have to have one of these:
And your pistol has to be on the DOJ approved list. Anything made of zinc, anything that doesn't pass the drop test, and lots of other stuff is on that list. If you ever move to Cali, stock up on Kel-Tecs (which go for $400-$500 in Cali) or other stuff not on the roster.

But to buy a pistol FROM Cali, all you have to do is your standard person-to-FFL-to-you transfer. He will, of course, have to inform DOJ that the pistol is no longer in his possession.
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