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In the software business they call this BETA testing a product that is NOT READY for a production environment. This is expressed up front by all credible software houses (Microsoft for example).

From your reports, which are very comprehensive, you are BETA Testing their products. If that was your intention from the beginning, well, there you go.

If that was not your intention, then I believe your window to get out of this is here and now.

They basically admitted flawed testing processes that are dependent on the buffer for function. The buffer system is, as we know, an unreasonable solution to the function of a $400 "upgrade" that is NOT a requirement to have any Glock function flawlessly. I would be quite *angry* finding this out after the fact as you have.

You are definitely a better man than I, and I will be checking your progress. Hopefully they will treat you right!

I appreciate you posting your results. It matters to many of us who are still thinking that the CCF Raceframes are Da Bomb. I will keep my $$$ in my pocket for now.

Good Luck!!!
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