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Originally Posted by cledford3 View Post
3. Send the gun to a gunsmith and have the slide stop milled back a bit to allow the slide to fully travel without smacking into the frame. (What stops the slide then) I don’t like this as it is going to require much more $$$. I’m guessing $150 to $200 more when you figure in overnight shipping both ways (I’m assuming the frames have to shipped just like guns, over night carrier only) plus at least $50 to $100 for the work. I could deal with the this *IF* it resolves the issue AND allows one to dump the buff altogether. The big issue here is that you now have around $570 invested (assuming frame cost, shipping, transfer fees, lower parts+shipping, plus shipping and labor for milling) to get the frame up and running. That’s a lot of cheese as my dad would say…

All in all, I was treated well on the phone and he took a lot of time to explain the issue to me. I can’t say I’m crazy about the situation or totally impressed with the customer shouldering the cost of fixing the issue – but I’m also assuming this to be the case and who knows how they’ll actually handle it. The gentleman was very cool to send me a couple buffs free of charge.

They should do this option for you FREE, then make sure that the shockbuffs take the final hit and insure that this combination works for A LOT of rounds. You should not go out of pocket on any of it.

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