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Originally Posted by bbeach View Post
Well today was a welcomed change! First time visiting Pistols Plus in Lake Ozark, MO (right off HWY 54)... FANTASTIC Customer Service! Very knowledgeable salesman, we talked guns for a bit, talked about some different ammo! He didn't have the magazines I was looking for in stock but offered to order them in and either ship them to me or call me when they came in. Super Nice guy and very very nice gun shop! One of the nicest shops I've ever been in. Huge selection of pistols too all on a big glass wall box. A lot of Glock stuff too - shirts, polos, range bags, etc. Anyway just thought I'd comment on a good shop to go with the bad one!

I knew there were good ones out there!
That's good to know... I get through that area from time to time on business. I may have to stop in and buy something!
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