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Monster Hunter International

Just finished this. DAMN good book. Written by Larry Correia, whio I know posts at thehighroad, not sure if he is over here.

Anyway, it is a modern fanatsy novel about guys who gun up to hunt down vampires, werewolves, etc. Has an interesting premise about how you could make a living doing this and he keeps the action fast and furious. Think Stephen Hunter mixed with Dean Koontz or Stephen King.

Larry runs a gun store, IIRC, so he has a TON of guns and goes into a lot of detail about most of them. Plus he has a healthy anti-government streak and a lot of sarcasm.

I'd put it about at the level of Enemies:Foreign and Domestic and Unintended Consequences. Full of cool info, well paced, very interesting due to the subject matter, but still needing a little polish due to the inexperience of the author. It also avoids most of the "male fantasy" elements inherent to the genre and would be suitable for teens (I know some folks were turned off at the sex in UC).

Anyway, I liked it and recommend it. Hopefully he can write more in a timely manner, since it seems like he was working on this book for 5-6 years.
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