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Furball Forum Guidelines - Read Before Participating Here

Welcome to the Furball, folks. This forum might appear to be a readjustment of my policies here, but in actuality, it is complete capitulation. I am tired of refereeing argumentative threads about pit bulls, breastfeeding, global warming, smoking, home schooling, tattooing and all of the other subjects that many people seem incapable of discussing without arguing. I give up. Now that I have given up, what do I do? Do I just create a list of crap we can't talk about? I thought about it, but that would be a PITA to administer and enforce. I decided instead to open this romper room, where all the boys and girls that cannot work and play well with others can hang out and argue about Walmart's fascist plans for the USA. I joke, but I am tired of tripping over the same old arguments and cleaning up the same messes every single day. Some of you are turning the running of this place into a freaking chore.

So, now we have a place to banish all the threads about things that consistently disrupt the site and cause trouble, but people seem to really want to talk about. I know that there will be people that are not happy about this situation, but most of those will be the ones starting the trouble in the first place. Go figure.

What are the ground rules here? I am not complete sure yet, but posting rules will be relaxed somewhat. Messages posted here will not be indexed or searchable with the rest of the site and there will be a warning message when anyone enters this area. Although the posting rules will be relaxed, we are not going to allow people to cause trouble or insult people gratuitously, or to make asses of themselves here generally. We are going to have to make this up as we go. This thread will be a placeholder for what will eventually be a definitive list of guidelines for this forum. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this forum and any suggestions you have for its posting guidelines here. Welcome. Eric
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