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my thoughts (honestly):

If things aren't quite a bit more relaxed here rules wise, we're just going to end up with two GNG's.

now, i'm not saying that it should be a free for all, but a definite relaxation on rules around insults, language, and pictures would be necessary for this forum to be unique from GNG.

Maybe a warning "if you click here, you may be offended or see the better part of a buttcheek

or perhaps set a number of posts/amt. of time at GT before this forum appears and/or is postable just to prevent people from registering under another name and causing all sorts of hell.

in all honesty, i think that either you have to let pretty much anything go here, or keep it to GNG, for two reasons: i said before, otherwise we just have two GNG's. and b...if you don't, i think you're creating a hell of a lot more headache for yourself, mods, and admins when people get offended and report posts left and right.

just my opinions, of course, and you know what opinions are like

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