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Originally Posted by Ender View Post
my thoughts (honestly):

If things aren't quite a bit more relaxed here rules wise, we're just going to end up with two GNG's.

now, i'm not saying that it should be a free for all, but a definite relaxation on rules around insults, language, and pictures would be necessary for this forum to be unique from GNG.

Maybe a warning "if you click here, you may be offended or see the better part of a buttcheek

or perhaps set a number of posts/amt. of time at GT before this forum appears and/or is postable just to prevent people from registering under another name and causing all sorts of hell.

in all honesty, i think that either you have to let pretty much anything go here, or keep it to GNG, for two reasons: i said before, otherwise we just have two GNG's. and b...if you don't, i think you're creating a hell of a lot more headache for yourself, mods, and admins when people get offended and report posts left and right.

just my opinions, of course, and you know what opinions are like
This forum and this site are never going to be a skin pic site. There are plenty of other places online to indulge such appetites and this site is not one of them. That part of the guidelines will not change. The relaxation of the posting rules I mentioned would be in the area of interpersonal issues. If people want to argue here they can do so. We will relax the rules to allow for some heated exchange, but no one is going to be allowed to get stupid about it. This forum will be as close to a free-for-all as GT will ever get under my leadership, but there will still be limits. We just need to define them. Eric
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