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Originally Posted by Eric View Post
This forum and this site are never going to be a skin pic site. There are plenty of other places online to indulge such appetites and this site is not one of them. That part of the guidelines will not change. The relaxation of the posting rules I mentioned would be in the area of interpersonal issues. If people want to argue here they can do so. We will relax the rules to allow for some heated exchange, but no one is going to be allowed to get stupid about it. This forum will be as close to a free-for-all as GT will ever get under my leadership, but there will still be limits. We just need to define them. Eric
I didn't mean turning into a nudie site at all, don't get me wrong

as far as the other i said, just throwing my thoughts out like you asked in the first post.

if i had to define specifics, i'd say that:

1) pretty much anything should go language wise, whether it ends up blocked by the filter or not. people get away with a lot of stuff in GNG, so it really wouldn't be THAT big of a step up.

2) no trolling allowed; just because things are more lax here doesn't mean the members need to see blatant troll posts, ads, etc etc. (i'm sure that goes w/o saying, but i'm having some fun with it).

3) what happens here, stays here: you and another member can get into it all you want in this forum, but it doesn't leave this forum or degenerate into petty personal insults elsewhere on the site.

4) no death threats/physical harm threats.

other than the basics, thats all i have to offer suggestion wise. It will be interesting to see where this forum ends up, and whether it turns out to be a good or bad thing in the long run. If i had to lay my money down, i know which side i'd lay it on...but i'd still only call it 60-40 odds in my favor

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