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Wish I had seen this sooner. Steve, what a guy! I live about 70 miles away in his home town, I have bought a couple of guns from him. I first heard of him from a guy working at Wilson Combat, told me what he was like and what to expect. First time in it was like pulling teeth to get waited on. After I bought the first gun it got easier and went from there. Of course, finding out I knew his Brother and Dad gave us something to talk about which helped. But I have seen people walk in, stand around and never get waited on! Heck of a way to run a business. Always seems to be selling to LEO when I was there, which was before he moved south to Nixa. Still the cheapest I can find on most guns and I wouldn't rule out buying another from him. My wife says we get along because I'm an a##hole just like him! Not a very nice thing to say!

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