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As a retail salesman since the day I turned 16, it sickens me to hear these stories. Unfortunatly, around Memphis it's like this. There are 2 big ranges in Memphis, one has about 12 lanes and is about 40" long with a dirt berm indoors, they don't have a lot of stuff to rent, but they are the nicest people and have always treated me great.
The range on the north side of town has nicer facilities, but I've only had a good trip maybe 30% of the time. Just because I'm only 21 doesn't meen I don't know safety. I prefer earplugs to headphones and it never fails that someone working there grabs me when I walk to the range entrance to tell me that I need hearing protection. Thier consistency is a little off also. I took my girlfriend to shoot 3 times while she was 19 and 20 with no problem. The 4th time we had been shooting for almost half an hour before we were stopped and told she had to leave because she was under 21. We explained that we had done this before and all we were told was "Well he(previous employees) ****ed up, ya'll need to get on outta here." He then refused to give me a refund on the rental and lane fees(we paid 15$ for a lane for an hour, sholdn't I get 7.50$ + half the rental fee back?). We eventually got our refund from another worker after he picked up a gunrag and quit acknowledging us.
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