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I ordered one last year (but a T-SAR) and sent it back the day after I got it. It was a $700 watch and when i got it I was disappointed with several things but I think the thing that bugged me thee most was when I compared it to my $480 Seiko Sumo with a REALLY NICE metal bracelet I just couldn't seem to justify it. The quality of the Seiko was head and shoulders above the T-SAR no contest. And they wanted another $175 for the metal bracelet for the T-SAR.

You probably did good for a $400-$450 handgun trade. I really hope you like your SAR...they seem to have lots of fans. But I was very disappointed with mine...
I will say that the folks at where I got it were super to deal with and gave me no grief whatsoever over the return and very promptly refunded my CC...
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