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Old 08-26-2010, 10:15   #1
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Glock 19 finger groove removal


I love my glock 19 but have a problem with the way the finger grooves line up with my hands. I want to get a glock 17 because it fits my hands perfect. However, I will loose some concealability advantages that the glock 19 have over the glock 17.

Then I thought about removing the finger grooves and stippling the front of the grip; similar to the gen 2 glock 19.

If I was to modify my glock 19 frame as describe above and use it for self defense (God forbid), can they (the legal system) use it against me?


One Big Ass Mistake America
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Mas Ayoob
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I wouldn't worry about it, bro.

Over 31 years of expert witness testimony in weapons/shooting cases, I can't say I've seen it all. However, I've seen a lot. I've seen custom grips argued as a reason to believe that the defendant was obsessed with killing people, and also the argument that smooth grips (finger grooved, no less, in that case) were reckless because they caused the shooter's hand to slip and accidentally discharge a weapon.

That said, when that sort of BS comes up, a well prepared defense team shouild be able to utterly destroy it with expert and material witness testimony.

Get your gun to where it works for you, be able to explain clearly why you did so, and I for one don't think you'll have much to worry about. For what it's worth, my personal favorite Glock is a G30 with a grip trim done by Rick Devoid at Tarnhelm, www.tarnhelm.com, and another that I carry often is a G17 with Tac-Grip (www.tac-grip.com) attached.

Just one guy's perspective,
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