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Old 12-27-2004, 19:44   #1
Haunted Rebel
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Instrument Humidifiers

The recent cold, dry air has wreaked havoc on my violin, so I'm looking for recommendations on portable humidifiers.
There seem to be plenty of inexpensive ones around, for example

but I have no idea how effective and safe they are. Any experience with this situation is appreciated.
Deo Vindice
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Old 12-30-2004, 21:03   #2
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The folks at the violin shop I go to now recommended the Planet Waves egg-shaped one. I have the large one. Just got it a week or two ago. Seems okay so far. Come to think of it, I have to refill it. Thanks for the reminder.

I use two of the green snake-like things for my acoustic guitar. No problems. Just got to make sure there's no excess water in the snake or dripping off it. They're okay.

I also use a Radio Shack hygrometer that I got for like $20 for the guitar. I'm planning to get one for the violin too.

If this isn't the one, it's very similar to this one. Radio Shack Thermometer/Hygrometer

I might buy one of those Planet Waves ones for my acoustic guitar too. We'll see. Those green snake ones kind of come up short, I think. I'll have to keep a closer eye on the humidity in the case. This is the first winter for which I have them.

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