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Sabre-6, Range Control, Sabre-6, Range Control...

'Uh, Range Control, Sabre-6, go'
'Sabre-6, Range Control, what is your location over?'
'Range Control, Sabre-6, we are currently Lima Lima Mike Foxtrot, over'
'Sabre-6, Range Control, say again your last, you're broken and distorted, over'
'Range Control, Sabre-6, Sabre-6 is currently Lima Lima Mike Foxtrot, over'
'Sabre-6, RC, we don't show that location on list of grid coordinates, please confirm location, over'
'RC, Sabre-6, we are currently Lima Lima MIke Foxtrot, over'
'Sabre-6, RC, please give the grid coordinates for Lima Lima Mike Foxtrot, over'
'RC, Sabre-6, we are Lost Like a Mother ****er, if we knew where the hell we were, we would gladly tell you!, over'
'Sabre-6, RC, you are aware these freqs are recorded, over'
'RC, Sabre-6, roger that, out here'

We used to give those poor Range Control bastards hell....

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