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Originally Posted by Alaskapopo View Post
If you like Glocks get a 9mm. The rest have issues.
Neither the G20C I used to have or the G29 I have now have or have had any issues. What issues are they supposed to have??? I think you're over reaching with your statement. Besides that the 357SIG is generally considered to be as clear as any in issues by merit of the bottleneck cartridge design. Did you handload a bunch of 357SIG that ended up being poor performers???

And what about the 40S&W chambered glocks? An extreme amount of LE/Agencies carry them. Someone must have forgot to tell them about the issues. Then there's the Glock 45s. Someone dropped a G21 out of an airplane. When he found it only the bottom of the magwell was still above ground. It fired perfectly. Not to mention all the other torture tests he put it through and some mega amount of rounds through it and it still operated flawlessly.

I might be going out on a limb here, but I don't believe the majority of Glocks have any issues at all, and more than likely less than the guns provided through other manufacturers.
In a strict wound ballistics sense, over-penetration is better than under-penetration because the bullet will at least have the potential to intersect and bore through vital cardiovascular structures. But over-penetration is also a waste of wounding potential.
Can you elaborate?

About over penetration you say;
1) good to intersect all vital structures possible, and/but
2) waste of wounding potential

Isn't that contradictory?
In comparison, many 9mm 147-grain subsonic JHP bullets demonstrate better penetration and expansion performance than .357 SIG 125-grain JHPs.
How much better expansion when leaving out HSTs, as HSTs are basically the one exception to the rule?
Free Men Don't Need To Ask Permission To Bear Arms

The Glock 29 is the most versatile handgun yet produced.
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