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I grew up in a place where most could argue successfully that a personal safety firearm was and still is unnecesary, however when the town I grew up in was mentioned in a major periodical as "the safest place to live in the state. Where people rarely lock their doors." Dad said, "Time to start locking our doors!" Before I moved to the beautiful state of FL I had never heard of a "home invasion" met anyone or knew of anyone that had been carjacked. Where I came from the crime is well organized and the high majority of criminals have no interest in "random" violence. (they're smart enough to know there's no $$$$ in it)
As a bouncer in FL I began to notice that people in the club were rather polite, the reality being that there were people around with guns and you didn't want to piss anyone off and get shot.
While coming home from my real estate job one day I may have (if I did I never even saw him) cut off this guy in an suv. At the next light he (50+ yrs old) jumped out, marched up to my car and began violently pulling my doorhandle & pounding on my window, acting like a complete maniac. I could see that he had a holstered firearm and that was when I went deaf. The top was flipped back on my Jeep and I realized that he could break the window, climb over the top of my car and start swatting me if he wished and draw and shoot me in an instant. My reaction was to loudly in a definite calm and dead serious voice tell this maniac that I was a LEO and that If he did not return to his vehicle he would force me to place him under arrest. He spit on my window shouted " *$%#@ Pig!" and returned to his vehicle. My bluff worked (i'm athletically built late 20's and most people assume I'm a policeman without knowing me) but after realizing the weight of the situation all I had to defend myself was my presentation and if need be my hands. This incident completely shook me.
I told my Dad the story & he told me that when he transferred down to warm sunny FL the company he worked for REQUIRED him to get his cwp and to carry on the job. Their rationale was that "anything can happen in the remote stretches of this great state and it's better to be well prepared than dead."
Thinking about the possibilities of meeting another embodiment of my "psychotic friend" if broken down on a remote FL road or late at night at a gas station made me decide that I'd rather have the best means of preservation at my full disposal in the moment of certain decision than not.
"Better to have and not need than to need and have not."
What Freud said about the Irish is: "We're the only people who are impervious to psychoanalysis."
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