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Question on .380 self-defense ammo in a Kahr P380.


For starters, I agree with you that the .380 is an unsatisfactory self-defense round. Nevertheless, there are in fact times when even my Walther PPS or a Kahr PM9 are too big for carry and all I can manage is a smaller mousegun. Also, when I am carrying a 9mm, I would still like to have a pocket .380 as a BUG. Accordingly, I'm looking at picking up a Kahr P380 soon.

I know the .380 results are all at least somewhat dismal, but I would still like to know your thoughts on the best self-defense rounds available in this admittedly sub-par caliber.

Do you have data on the CorBon 80-grain DPX or their hotter 90-grain JHP? Are there any other rounds worth considering?

Thanks again for your help.
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Mas Ayoob
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Don't know of any shootings with either in the .380 chambering, bro. The DPX LOOKS promising, and their hot .380 JHP roughly duplicates the ballistics of a 9X18.

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