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G17 Stock Fixed Sights to Adjustable Night Sights

Before we start here, let me say I am brand new to this forum, and to Glocks in general. I am a long gun man and just now got the pistol fever and my Glock 17. So please no trolls telling me I am a stupid noob .

My question has to do with the stock fixed sights on my Glock 17. Can I change them to adjustable night sights, or would my night sights have to be fixed? I asked the guy at my gun shop, but he had no idea either. He ended up trying to get me to buy a rear sight mounted laser lol. That is not a bad idea for intimidation factor, ease of shooting without looking down sights, and such, but right now I am just interested in the night sights. Thanks in advance!
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You can buy adjvustable night nisght that will fit in the dovetail slot of your current Glock slide. You will probably have to take it to a Glock armorer that has a sight tool for Glocks to get the new one in and the old one out. Personally I would not go with adjustable sights on a defensive pistol. I have Trijicon metal fixed night sights on my Glock that have served me well for over 7 years and thousands of rounds
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Thank you very much for the reply 8541/9999. I appreciate your help. My Glock 17 will not be my defensive weapon. I have other weapons for home defense and CCW. The thing I want to do is squeeze every last drop of precision from my Glock 17, and use it for sport shooting. Maybe even get into some competitive pistol shooting later on at an entry level. Do you have any suggestions on any parts/upgrades I may need to get my groupings closer together?
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